Crugen Premium KL33

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Tyre Size – 235/55 R19 101H
Year of Manufacture – 2023
Brand Origin – Korea
Warranty – 5 Years from Manufacture
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Kumho Crugen Premium KL33 – 235/55R19 (101H) The Crugen Premium KL33 brings a new level of luxury to the SUV experience. Quiet comfort, superb handling and excellent all-season performance make it a perfect upgrade for crossovers and light SUVs, and a natural choice for luxury vehicles. Exceptional all-weather grip and performance from deep microtreads that create hundreds of tiny gripping edge. A smooth, quiet, comfortable ride due to the unique noise-cancelling tread that reduces road noise and vibration. Longer tread life and excellent cold traction from an advanced rubber compound engineered to run cooler and stay flexible at lower temperatures. High-style sidewalls complement the lines of late-model crossovers and SUVs. Taut, responsive steering and an exceptional highway feel result from the wide, rounded outside edge of the tire and its continuous contact with the road.